Boots on the Ground. In Africa.

We will serve you only in territories we know personally and intimately, where our network, market knowledge and experience allow us to offer you the best advice possible.

Our Approach

Our market knowledge, network, and leads, come directly from our own work in your destination markets. You will benefit from local presence and expertise without being there yourself.

We will:

  • Bring you to countries we've lived in

  • Introduce you to people we've met

  • Pitch your business to government officials ourselves

  • Go visit your clients and ask them about their needs

  • Tell you if we think your business doesn't fit 

פיתוח עסקי ייעוץ אפריקה באפריקה דרום אפריקה ליווי איתור שותפים שיווק הפצה קניה בוצוואנה